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Mauricettes (soft bread)

Sunday was supposed to be picnic day so I prepared these lovely breads to make sandwiches. Unfortunately, the weather turned awful so we decided to eat our picnic… at home!  I love making Mauricettes as they are so soft and work really well with smoked salmon or paté or, why not, as burger buns. You could also eat them with sweet filling, so any leftovers would make for a perfect breakfast. Their beautiful brown coloration comes from briefly dipping the dough in a bath of boiling water mixed with salt and baking soda. They are very quick to make with the Thermomix and only need an hour rise so even if time is limited, you can produce wonderful homemade breads that the whole family will enjoy! Thanks Schipsili for this great recipe!



225g water
500g bread flour
1 paquet of instant yeast
10g sugar
40g oil (use cooking olive or any bland oil)
1 egg
1 tsp salt

Water bath:

1L water
1 tsp salt
40g baking soda


1 egg
Sesame seeds, poppy seeds…

  1. To make the dough, put the water in the Thermomic bowl and heat 37C for 2 min, speed 2
  2. Add the remaining dough ingredients, set the timer to 2min 30, lock the bowl and press the Kneading button
  3. Tip out the dough in a container and let to rest at room temperature for 35 min to an hour
  4. Preheat the oven to 190C (180C for fan ovens)
  5. Put the dough on a floured surface and flatten it with the palm of your hand down to 5cm thick
  6. Use a pastry cutter to cut out  into buns or divide the dough in any shape you like
  7. Prepare the water bath: boil the water with the salt and baking soda
  8. Using a slotted spoon, briefly dip each bun into the boiling water and out again. Set aside on a baking tray lined with baking parchment or silicone sheet
  9. Brush the beaten egg (or egg yolk for a darker finish) on each bun
  10. Sprinkle with the seeds of your choice, indent the top of the buns in 2 or 3 places with a sharp knife and put in the oven for 15 min (check often as it can brown quite quickly)