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Marmelade d’orange (Orange marmalade)

Sorry for posting this late, I was travelling to France yesterday…

Recipe number 4 from the Panier Gourmand is the Orange marmalade. I love making fresh orange juice in my Thermomix. I put the whole orange cut in chunks in it and mix with a bit of water and ice cubes and sieve the content of the bowl to get the juice. But the real beauty is that you DON’T throw away the orange bits left over in the sieve. Oh no, you re-use it to make this yummy orange marmalade.

(Source: Fast and Easy Cooking)


Pulp, pips and skin from 4 oranges used to make orange juice

Same weight of sugar


  1. Weigh the orange pulp that is left after sieving the juice out
  2. Add that weight in sugar to the bowl (for a firmer marmalade, use jam sugar)
  3. Cook in the Thermomix for 14 to 17 min/100C/speed 1.
  4. Test the marmalade is set by scooping a little marmalade with a teaspoon and let it cool down. If it is thick and wrinkles when pushed up with the finger then it’s set. Otherwise, add 3 more minutes /100C/speed 1.
  5. Pour into sterilised pots, seal and keep in a fridge once open.