Fondant Apples with Chantilly cream

I love reading my friend Carine’s blog: Chic Chic Choc…olat. She always does mouth watering dishes and her photos are so beautiful. I fell in love with her Gateau aux pommes caramélisées, which I translated to Fondant apples because it’s not really a cake (the only ingredients there are apples, sugar and butter!) and the apples are just melting in your mouth after being slowly stewed in a low oven. It’s just a superb dish, albeit very slow to make, but I was always taught that the best things take time… It’s not either a Thermomix recipe. All you need for this dish is a mandoline (or a lot of patience) to slice the apples waffer thin. Even the amount of butter and sugar is ridiculously low, so if you omit the creme Chantilly, it’s quite a healthy dessert…FondantPommes_002

Source: Chic chic choc…olat


12 apples (I used 6 Pink ladies and 6 Golden delicious)
70g soft brown sugar
30g unsalted butter


  1. Melt the butter and peel and core the apples.
  2. Slice the apples thinly with a mandoline and spread a thin layer in a small dish (20cm diameter), sprinkle with some of the sugar and a couple of teaspoons of the melted butter.
  3. Continue layering the apples with a sprinkle of sugar and butter on each layer.
  4. Place a piece of baking parchment paper on top and weigh down with a heavy dish slightly smaller (I used a Pyrex dish).
  5. Bake at 110C for 10 hours (you will need a patience of gold for this dish!).
  6. Leave to cool, then refrigerate for a few hours before unmoulding carefully.
  7. Reheat briefly in a microwave (no more than 20 seconds) to soften the butter and serve with a dollop of creme Chantilly (made in the Thermomix of course!)


7 Responses to Fondant Apples with Chantilly cream

  1. Non, non, non, non !!! Je ne me laisserai pas tenter par encore une de tes merveilleuses recettes, Nora !! Quelle simplicité pour un si bon résultat. Je le déguste virtuellement 😉

    Merci beaucoup encore une fois !

  2. Sounds lovely ! Do you think I could make it in my slow cooker ? instead of having the oven on ( 37 C here so would rather not use the oven) ?
    Thank you.

    • You can absolutely use you slow cooker Julie, that’s a good suggestion. Use low setting for 10 hours and don’t forget to place a heavy dish on top to press down the apples with some baking parchment underneath. You won’t need the lid on as you don’t want to have too much liquid in it. Wow, 37C is hot indeed! To think that it’s winter here and it’s quite cold outside, the oven is not a problem for us alright!

  3. C’est vrai que “fondant c’est pas mal”. J’étais pas trop inspirée pour le nom de la recette.
    Très sympa aussi avec la chantilly. Bisous!

  4. A lire ta description, ça donne envie de se ruer en cuisine pour le faire ! bonne fin de journée !

  5. hum cela a l’air d’etre une tuerie ton dessert hummmmm

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