Barquettes (soft sponge biscuits with a jam centre)

A stapple of French kids 4 o’clock break (quatre heures), barquettes are yummy spongy biscuits shaped like little boats with some jam in the middle (a small boat in French is called a barque, hence the name of barquette). Most kids will lick the jam first and might then proceed with eating the sponge… or not. But one thing is sure, they LOVE it! So, now that I have a child of my own but can’t buy them in the shop, my only option is to make them myself and it’s actually very easy and much better than the industrial version…

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4 eggs
100g sugar
100g flour
Jam or any other filling you might fancy such as homemade Nutella


  1. Preheat the oven at 180C.
  2. Separate the yolk from the whites and put the whites in the TM bowl. Place the butterfly whisk securely on the blades and whisk 3 min/speed 3.5, measuring cup OFF. When the whites have started to foam, add the sugar a little at a time.
  3. Program 20sec/speed 2 and pour the egg yolks through the hole in the lid while the blades are running.
  4. Programm 20sec/speed 2 and pour the flour through the hole.
  5. Remove the butterfly whisk and use the spatula to combine the bits of flour that have not been mixed in.
  6. Pour into silicone moulds of any shape you like (for easy unmoulding) or a small scone or muffin tray, well greased and floured will do the trick.
  7. Bake for 10 minutes (check for colouring) depending on the size. For my small heart shape, 8 minutes were enough.
  8. While still warm out of the oven, use a clean wine cork to press down the center to create a cavity so you can fill with jam later.
  9. Then, take them out of the mould and leave to cool on a grid.
  10. Fill them to your heart’s content and enjoy! They will keep well in a tightly closed box and are even better the next day…


12 Responses to Barquettes (soft sponge biscuits with a jam centre)

  1. bonjour nora,je ne suis plus une enfant,mais je gouterai bien ta superbe gourmandise!!
    bonne journée bisous

  2. Moi aussi! Trop joli et trop simple avec Thermomix!

  3. sont mignons ces coeurs là !

  4. these sound great, will need to give them a try

  5. Bonne idée en forme de coeur.
    J aime beaucoup.

  6. i thought these were those biscuits! when i was pregnant, my husb & i went on a roadtrip around france & all i ate the entire 10 days were macarons & these tasty cookies! 🙂 i’m definitely going to have to make this to reminisce!

  7. I remember eating (and loving) these growing up. I must try these (although I am really bad at baking)

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