Sunflower Bread

Sunflower bread is one of my favorites and it is good any time of the day-I like to eat it while I’m reading in bed, or while cooking. In addition, I enjoy to toast the bread slices since it brings out the true taste in the bread seeds. Live alone and cannot eat all the bread into sight until it becomes stale so occasionally, slice up the bread into little Ziploc bags and warmth the small pieces inside toaster oven until desired.

I’ve baked wheat bread together with the regular yeast in precisely the same oven for over a hundred times and I have baked several kinds of breads using the regular yeast. The one thing that differs is, sometimes the bread gets quite stale even though not browned. Typically, I bake in the oven for about ten minutes on each side to find the bread very soft however, the seeds remain there. Other times I leave the bread in the oven for approximately an hour to have the bread nearly dry but still having a bit of pure moisture in it.

After about a week or so of baking in the oven, in the event the bread starts to get very dry, I simply bake the loaf into my bread machine but I bake a little loaf to check because the massive loaf can go stale if left in the oven too long. Then I decide what to do with all the extra bread and opt to create a yummy fruit salad or some sandwiches. It’s so much fun to eat fresh bread every time of the day.