Grilling – A Popular Choice

It’s a well known fact that cooking and eating food is one of the keys to living a healthy life. However, for some people, cooking and eating food are only limited to certain times of the day. For instance, if you are a person who doesn’t have much time on your hands, you will need some great cooking tips that can help you prepare healthy and delicious meals.

One of the top 10 cooking tips for busy people is to use a microwave. Some research suggests that microwaving can be the most healthy method to cook as a result of its short cooking periods, which lead to minimal nutrient loss. Microwaves cook food from the outside in by heating it at the inside out using electromagnetic radiation. They emit strong radio waves that excite the atomic particles in food, making them move all over the surface of the food to form heat energy.

Some cooking methods such as boiling, roasting and grilling are good for you. However, these cooking methods take away much of the nutrients that are in vegetables. Cooking vegetables with a low temperature and low duration of cooking time, like steaming or baking, allows them to absorb more nutrients than cooking with high temperatures and short durations. Vegetables also retain more vitamins and minerals when cooking with the right cooking method.

To have the best health benefits from your vegetables, cook them with salt. The amount of salt in a recipe can vary, depending on what kinds of foods you are preparing. Some foods like beans and some root vegetables are more salty than others. Some spices, like pepper, that are used to season many foods are salty as well. Salt is good for you and enhances the flavors of many foods.

Cooking with broiling, or direct exposure to a heat source, results in the fastest cooking process. Foods broiled are crisp, golden brown and very flavorful. Because it cooks faster, broiling is an important step in the preparation of many dishes, especially foods that contain a lot of oil or grease. Because it produces hot steam, broiling requires oil substitutes for the cooking medium. Many people prefer to use butter or vegetable oil for their broiling recipes.

Grilling or cooking over a high heat is a popular choice for many people. Grilling recipes can be made from whole foods or prepared as sauces for fish, poultry or vegetables. When you grill your foods, they cook quickly and most people like them on the grill or in the oven. Not only do grilled foods taste better, they are healthier because the cooking time is limited.