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Caramel delight

This French recipe comes from the Vorwerk book “The best of the communities recipes”. It’s been tried and tested by a friend of mine who qualified the recipe as “yum”. That was enough compliment for me and since I happened to have lots of the French toffees called Carambars lying around in my cupboard (and that I was trying to save from my toffee-crazy daughter), the opportunity was too good to miss.

CaramelDelight_005 CaramelDelight_007 CaramelDelight_009

Source: Best of the communities recipes


22 Carambars or 180g Daims or Werther’s Originals, refrigerated
130g creme fraiche or cream
4 egg whites
500g mascarpone
60g vanilla sugar* (I put 80g and it was not too sweet)
*Vanilla sugar can be obtained in the Thermomix by mixing 1 vanilla pod cut in half and in half lengthwise with 150g sugar 1min/speed 9. Keep in an airtight container.


  1. Place the refrigerated toffees in the TM bowl and mix 10sec/speed 7.CaramelDelight_001
  2. Add the cream or creme fraiche and cook 5 min/90C/speed 2. Divide into 8 glasses.CaramelDelight_002
  3. Clean and dry thoroughly the TM bowl (Or use 2nd bowl). Place the butterfly whisk and add the egg whites. Whisk 3 min/speed 3.5/measuring cup OFF. Tip out and reserve in a big bowl.CaramelDelight_003
  4. Place the Mascarpone and vanilla sugar in the TM bowl and mix 15sec/speed 6.
  5. Fold gently in the egg whites with the spatula.CaramelDelight_004
  6. Spoon or pipe into the 8 glasses. Refrigerate 2 hours before serving.

CaramelDelight_008 CaramelDelight_006

Finally, Jean from Perth (aka Cookie1 from the Thermomix forum)  has tried my Sunflower bread recipe. Here is a picture she took before it got devoured by her family at a dinner party: