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Christmas cupcakes

I have already posted a recipe for cupcakes here and here. This time, I show you how to make them look stunning for the festive season. For these, I have used 2 types of buttercream: one with butter and custard and the other with Philadephia and icing sugar. The latter is good for paler frosting (or white) as the amount of butter is minimal so it won’t have a yellow tint like the buttercream icing.





Chocolate cupcakes

For 12 to 15 cupcakes

200g butter, softened
200g caster sugar
4 beaten eggs
200g self raising flour, sieved
50g unsweetened cocoa powder, sieved

Custard buttercream recipe here

Philadelphia frosting
70g softened butter
200g Philadelphia, chilled and drained
400g icing sugar



  1. To make the cupcakes:
    1. Preheat the oven at 180C
    2. Whisk butter and sugar until pale and fluffy (Thermomix: use the butterfly whisk and mix 2 min/speed 3).
    3. Slowly add the beaten eggs (Thermomix speed 3).
    4. On low speed, add the self raising flour and cocoa powder (Thermomix: remove the butterfly whisk and mix 20sec/speed 3).
    5. Line muffin tray with cases and spoon the mixture into each until 2/3 full.
    6. Bake for 15 min for small cupcakes or 25 min for large ones.
    7. Leave to cool for 5 minutes then transfer onto a cool rack and wait until they are completely cold before icing.
  2. To make the frosting:
    1. Beat the butter until very soft (Thermomix 2 min/speed 3).
    2. Add the very cold Philadelphia and beat until combined (don’t overbeat or the Philadelphia will become more liquid) (Thermomix 30 sec/speed 3).
    3. Add half the icing sugar and beat together (Thermomix 5 sec/speed 3).
    4. Add the other half and mix again (5 sec/speed 3).
    5. Add colouring/flavouring if using and place in piping bag.
  3. To make the Santas: use a round nozzle (about 1cm wide) and pipe red custard buttercream in a circle starting from the edges of the cupcake. Sprinkle with red glitter. Pipe some whipped cream to make the fur around the coat. Use a sugar Santa head to place on top and 2 chocolate drops for the buttons.
  4. To make the Christmas trees: scoop out a little circle of the cupcake on top. Use a star shaped nozzle and pipe some green custard buttercream at the center. Place a strawberry on top of the icing and pipe more green buttercream starting from the base of the strawberry and piping outward to make each branch. Finish by making the top vertical branch and decorate with little coloured sugar sprinkles or spheres.XmasCupcakes_001 XmasCupcakes_002
  5. To make the icy looking cupcakes: use the Philadelphia frosting and colour with baby blue colour. Use a 2D nozzle (or any star nozzle) and pipe starting from the edge of the cupcake, swirling inward. Use cutters to make the shapes with rolling icing.