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King’s galette with caramelised apples and inverted puff pastry

As is the tradition in France on the day of the Epiphanie (6th January), I made a galette des rois and for the first time, I made it with an inverted puff pastry. What is it, you may ask? Well, the inverted puff pastry is the Rolls Royce of the puff pastries. It guarantees a light, well layered puff pastry and, although it asks for a little bit of work, it is well worth it for dishes where the puff pastry is the star of the show such as this galette (also known as Pithivier) or the famous millefeuille.

The filling is made of a creamy almond mixture and apples caramelised in salted butter caramel. It makes the galette moist and delicious with the slight acidity of the apples and the sweet caramel. This is probably the best galette I’ve ever had!

Of course, Thermomix comes to the rescue in making this wonder but you will still need to make all the folding by hand…

GalettePommes_018 GalettePommes_020

Source: J’en reprendrai bien un bout


Serves 8

Inverted puff pastry

Makes 1 kg of dough

First “détrempe”
375g unsalted butter, softened to room temperature
75g plain flour
75g strong white flour (bread flour)

Second “détrempe”
175g plain flour
175g strong white flour (bread flour)
110g melted butter
150g cold water
10g salt
1 tsp white wine vinegar


3 small apples or 2 big (any type you like, I used Bramley apples)
100g salted butter caramel
100g butter
100g sugar
1 egg
100g ground almond
1 tsp almond extract or Amaretto

1 egg yolk + water for the eggwash


  1. The day before,  make the puff pastry: place all the ingredients of the first détrempe in the TM bowl and knead 1 min 30 sec. Take out of the bowl (the mixture will be quite soft and creamy) and place between 2 sheets of cling film. Roll into a rectangle and refrigerate for 2 hours.
  2. Place all the ingredients of the second détrempe and knead for 1 min 30. The dough will be like a bread dough and quite easy to handle. Take out and place between 2 sheets of cling film. Roll into a small square, much smaller than the rectangle made earlier, like in the picture. Refrigerate for 2 hours.InvertedPuff1
  3. Take out both détrempes and let them relax at room temperature for 5 minutes. Take out the cling film, and wrap the dough square inside the butter rectangle (see picture). Turn around to get the folding at the bottom.InvertedPuff2
  4. Roll the dough into a rectangle about 1/2cm thick on a lightly floured surface. Make a double folding: fold the top quarter of the rectangle towards the center, then the bottom quarter to meet.InvertedPuff3
  5. Fold in 2 and wrap in cling film and refrigerate for 2 hours.InvertedPuff4
  6. Turn the dough 1/4 turn to the left so the closed side is on your left. Repeat steps 4 and 5 and refrigerate for 2 hours.
  7. Finally, make a single folding (always make 1/4 turn first and roll into a rectangle 1/2cm thick): fold the top 1/3 towards the center and the bottom 1/3 over it. InvertedPuff5 InvertedPuff6
  8. Refrigerate a final time for 2 hours or overnight.
  9. On the day, make the filling: peel and slice the apples and pan fry them in the salted butter caramel on high heat  until softened. Set aside to cool.CaramelisedApples
  10. Spread the ground almond on a baking tray lined with baking parchment and bake for 8 min at 180C. Leave to cool.
  11. Place the butter and sugar in the TM bowl with the butterfly whisk and cream together 1 min/speed 4.
  12. Add the egg, ground almond and almond extract/Amaretto and mix 1 min/speed 4. Set aside.AlmondCream
  13. Take out 600g of the puff pastry dough and cut in half.InvertedPuff7
  14. Roll one half and cut out a 26cm circle (I used a springform tin as a guide). Place on a baking parchment over a baking tray.
  15. Roll the other half and cut out a 28cm circle (use the same springform tin and cut a larger circle around it).
  16. Spread the almond cream on the 26cm pastry leaving 2cm free at the edges.
  17. Place the cooled caramelised apples on top.
  18. Brush the 2 cm edge with the eggwash made of 1 egg yolk mixed with cold water.
  19. Place the bigger pastry circle on top and press around the edges with the back of a fork to seal.
  20. Use a second baking tray and flip the tart upside-down. This will present the flat surface at the top and will be prettier when baked. Trim out the edges if needs be.
  21. Brush with the egg wash avoiding the edges of the pastry (if eggwash falls on the edges, this will prevent the puff pastry from rising).
  22. Use the back of a knife to score slightly the dough in a nice pattern (don’t cut all the way through though!) Make a small hole at the center to let the steam escape.Assemblage
  23. Refrigerate for 20 minutes before baking at 210C (fan oven) for 10 minutes before turning down the oven to 180C and continue baking for 25 to 30 minutes.
  24. Leave to cool in the oven with the door open and eat warm.GalettePommes_019