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Coconut and vanilla ice cream, lemon sorbet and caramelised apricots

You might remember last week I posted a recipe for making your own dairy free sweetened condensed milk. I thought it would be nice to make a completely dairy free ice cream while I was at it. I added mascarpone chantilly on top but this can be omitted for a totally dairy free dessert. The tang of the lemon sorbet marries to the perfection the sweetness and creaminess of the coconut and vanilla ice cream. The meringue adds the crunch, while the apricots bring colour and acidity. The chantilly made of mascarpone is rich and adds a decadent touch to this sublime ice cream. I love it!


Serves 6

Lemon sorbet:
You will have some lemon sorbet leftover with those quantities, which is no harm since it is delicious on its own!

350g water
300g sugar
250g cold water
200g lemon juice (juice of 3 to 4 lemons)
1 egg white

Coconut vanilla ice cream:
190g sweetened condensed soja milk
200g coconut cream
100g soja cream
1 vanilla pod

Caramelised apricots:
3 tbsp sugar
6 apricots, washed and halved
3 tbsp water

Mascarpone chantilly:
150g mascarpone
20g sweetened condensed milk




  1. Lemon sorbet: cook 350g water and 300g sugar in the thermomix 5 min/100C/speed 3.
  2. Add cold water and lemon juice and mix 3 sec/speed 3.
  3. Add egg white and mic 3 sec/speed 4.
  4. Pour into ice cube tray or shallow dish and freeze overnight
  5. Coconut and vanilla ice cream: simmer the soja cream in a saucepan over high heat, then turn off the heat. Infuse the vanilla seeds and pod in it for 10 minutes. Leave to cool and discard the vanilla pod.
  6. Place the condensed milk, soja cream and coconut cream into the TM bowl. Mix 20 sec/speed 4 and pour into ice cube tray or shallow dish and freeze overnight.
  7. Caramelised apricots:  place the sugar into a non stick fry pan and place on high heat until it is all melted. Add the apricot halves and cook on low heat for 2 minutes. Turn the apricots over and cook for a further 2 minutes. During all that time, the caramel must nit brown but stay a pale golden colour.
  8. Take out the apricots into a bowl and add 3 tbsp water to the pan to dissolve the hardened caramel. Bring to the boil and scrape the caramel around the pan to make a nice thick caramel sauce. Pour over the apricots and leave to cool. Refrigerate until use.
  9. Mascarpone chantilly: place the mascarpone and sweetened condensed milk into the TM bowl with the butterfly whisk.
  10. Whisk 1 min/speed 4, measuring cup OFF or until the mixture is thick and keeps its shape when scooped out.
  11. Place into a piping bag (I used nozzle 2D).
  12. Assemble the dessert: place the iced coconut chunks in the TM bowl and mix 10 seconds/speed 6 or until it clings together.
  13. Scoop out the ice cream into the serving bowls (1 scoop per serving). Keep in the fridge while doing the next step.
  14. Rinse the bowl and add the lemon chunks into it. Mix for a few seconds speed 6 until crushed and white. Scoop out and add 1 scoop to each serving bowl.
  15. Crumb some meringue onto it, add 2 apricot halves in each bowl and top with the mascarpone chantilly.
  16. Pour some of the apricot caramel sauce on top and serve immediately.
  17. Tip: for a very easy last minute assembly, make the ice cream scoops in advance and place in a freezer bag, sitting flat on a small tray and scoop the ice cream/sorbet side by side into the bag. Close the bag and lift the tray and place in the freezer, flat. You might need to do this in several batches (1 batch with coconut ice cream and the second batch for the lemon sorbet). When ready to serve, just pick the frozen scoops from the bag and place in the serving bowl. Leave a few minutes to thaw a bit before serving.