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Kiwi tart

What do you do when you are peckish, have a sweet pastry lying in the fridge and some kiwis that no one will eat? Well, a lovely tart of course ! I love making fresh fruits tarts as they are so easy to make. The only tricky bit is the pastry although it is so easy with Thermomix!


Pâte sucrée

50g sugar
150g plain flour
130g butter, diced
25g whipping cream
2 egg yolks
A pinch of salt

Crème pâtissière

500g milk
100g sugar
40g corn flour
2 eggs
2 egg yolks
1 tsp vanilla extract

4 or 5 kiwis, peeled and sliced
Jam for the glaze


  1. To make the pastry, put the sugar in the TM bowl and grind 10 sec/speed 9.
  2. Add all the other ingredients except the flour and mix 20 sec/speed 4.
  3. Add the flour and turbo pulse briefly a few times until JUST combined. Turn out and chill the pastry wrapped in cling film for 30 to 40 minutes in the fridge before rolling out.
  4. To make the crème pâtissière, put all the ingredients in the TM bowl and cook 7 min/90C/speed 4.
  5. Pour out in a bowl with a piece of cling film making contact with the surface to avoid a skin forming. Set aside until ready to fill the tart.
  6. When the pastry dough is chilled, take it out of the fridge and roll it out so it is bigger than the tin (one trick is to put a piece of cling film on the dough that is big enough to cover the rolled dough, then roll it with the rolling pin: the cling film will stop the dough from sticking to the rolling pin). Butter and flour the tin so it doesn’t stick.
  7. Transfer gently the dough into the tart tin and place a piece of greeseproof paper on the pastry and fill the tin with dried beans.
  8. Chill the dough for another 15 minutes.
  9. Meanwhile, preheat the oven at 180C (fan oven 170C).
  10. Bake the pastry for 15 minutes, then remove the greeseproof paper and if the center of the dough is still raw, bake it again for 5 minutes longer.
  11. Let the pastry cool (you can trim the edges of the pastry with a sharp knife), then pour the crème pâtissière on top, spreading it evenly and then add slices of kiwis (or any other fruits you like).
  12. To glaze, heat 3 tablespoons of any jam that goes well with the fruit and when hot and liquid, brush it over he fruits.
  13. Serve cold.