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Guimauves (Mashmallows)

I had a lot of egg whites in the fridge (leftover from custards, mayonnaises and other sauces) so when I read Mercotte‘s post about guimauves, I got inspired to make some. Now, Mercotte (who is the “Macaron Queen” of the French blogosphere) is using an Italian meringue* to make hers but no need for this complication thanks to Thermomix! Since it can heat while beating the egg whites, no need for a messy syrup to pour over the egg whites in order to cook them… I used some culinary essential oil to flavour mine but you can use any flavour you like (vanilla, rosewater, strawberry purée or anything you fancy).

*Italian meringue is made with egg whites, beaten to a soft peak over which a syrup boiled at exactly 130C is poured while still beating the whites. This cooks the mixture and can be used to make meringues or macarons (or mashmallows!).

(Source: Thermomix version of mashmallow by Docdom from Supertoinette forum)


220g granulated sugar
3 egg whites (about 100g)
9 gelatine leaves
60g corn flour
Flavouring of your choice (and colouring if you wish)

  1. Soak the gelatine in a bowl of cold water
  2. Put the sugar in the Thermomix bowl and blitz 10 sec, speed 10 to turn into icing sugar
  3. Tip out 60g of the icing sugar in a bowl with the 60g of corn flour and set aside
  4. Add the egg whites on the remaining sugar and insert the butterfly whisk
  5. Beat 3 minutes, 90C, measuring cup off
  6. Add the gelatine (drained out of excess water) and beat another 2 min, 90C, measuring cup off
  7. Add the flavouring and colouring (if using) and beat another 3 min, 60C, measuring cup off
  8. Prepare a square tin lined with baking parchment (or use a silicone mould). Mix the corn flour with the icing sugar and sieve some of the mixture on the bottom of the tin
  9. Pour the mashmallow mixture in the tin and dust with more icing sugar/corn flour mixture.
  10. Leave to rest 3 hours or overnight at room temperature.
  11. Using a knife dipped in hot water (only if using a tin, never use a knife with silicone!), cut out squares of mashmallow and dust with more icing sugar mixture so it doesn’t stick to fingers.