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My second week at Cooks Academy

I have just finished my second week at Cooks Academy, after a tough but exciting first week. I must say, they are raising the game each week but I do like a bit of challenge! On the first week, we mainly covered French dishes and mother sauces such as Chicken sauce chasseur, seabass with beurre blanc and rosti potatoes, breaded porc with pommes parmentier and French peas, and for dessert: lemon meringue tart, sticky toffee pudding, and chocolate chip cookies. This week, we had a mixture of French, Italian and Thai cooking: Dover Sole with beurre noisette and French beans, Ribeye steak with bearnaise sauce, Tom Ka gai soup, Vegetable Pad Thai, lamb Massamai  with rice and thai salad. Chef Steven Gibson from Pichet restaurant in Dublin came to present 3 Italian dishes served at the restaurant: Gnocchi with sunblushed tomatoes, mozzarella and courgettes, Saffron linguini with clams (my favourite!) and Jerusalem artichokes risotto with crispy chicken wings and Jerusalem artichoke chips. We had to reproduce all three dishes, which was tough! I never had Jerusalem artichokes before and I loved the flavour (it’s actually not an artichoke but a species of Sunflower). As for dessert, we made a pear and frangipane tart, a creme brulée, a chocolate fondant and cupcakes. We also made our own bread and pizza! Oh and not to forget our fish and shellfish day where we made a clam seafood chowder, fishcakes and a fish pie (yummy).

Here are a few pictures of my attempts at some of the dishes:

First column, from top to bottom: fish pie, Robert, one of the tutors, demonstrated the chocolate fondant (beautiful!), fish cake, creme brulée.

Second column, from top to bottom: clam seafood chowder, my version of the chocolate fondant (a bit too runny, not that my daughter minded…), Thai massamai curry with rice and thai salad, top view of the creme brulée.

Third column: different shapes of bread and Tom Ka gai (thai chicken soup).

Roll on third week!