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Homemade Caramel liquor

I love sweet liquors such as Bailey’s but unfortunately, I find them quite expensive to buy. I was always tempted to make one myself but needed to find the recipe that inspired me enough to be pushed over the edge. That’s exactly what happened when I saw Mamina‘s post a month ago and read her verdict to this liquor: “My only regret is that I didn’t make twice the quantity”. It’s quite easy to do and doesn’t need too many ingredients although it does use a very special ingredient: Carambars. You might remember these little caramels from this post. If you can’t get your hands on them, then any good quality hard caramels would do. Like Bailey’s, this liquor is very sweet so it’s nicer served with ice cubes to dilute it a bit.

If you wonder what are the little cakes on the picture, the recipe will come soon…


Source: La table de Mina


Makes 2 litres

1 litre milk
1 litre white rum
1 kg sugar
3 cinnamon sticks
1 lemon
1 lime
30 Carambars or 50 hard caramels such as Werther’s Originals
2cm piece ginger, peeled


  1. Cut the lemon and lime in half.
  2. Place all the ingredients in one or 2 glass jugs.
  3. Cover and place in the fridge.
  4. Stir every day. Little by little, the liquid will take the colour of Bailey’s.
  5. After one month (yes I know, it’s torture!), strain the liquid and bottle it up. Keep in the fridge.


Carambar cake

You might wonder what a Carambar is, and no, it’s not an exotic city nor is it a Mexican expression. It’s in fact a brand of chewy, sticky caramels that most French kids ruined their teeth on at one stage in their life. Their flavour is quite distinctive (and addictive) but fear not, you will still be able to make these yummy cakes if you can put your hands on your local brand of sticky caramels (anything with a dark colour would do like Werther’s). I prefer using them in desserts rather than eating them as they are because let’s say that I didn’t inherit a great set of teeth from my parents and, well there has been some casualties from devouring sweets like these when I was younger. At least, the melted version still retains the taste without sticking to whatever is left of my teeth!

Source: Ma p’tite cuisine by Audrey


20 Carambar (or 150g sticky dark caramel sweets of your choice)
150g plain flour
1 heaped tsp baking powder
100g brown sugar
50g butter
100g milk
3 eggs
1 pinch salt
Optional: 2 ripe bananas (I added these as I had them handy but it’s not necessary)


  1. Preheat the oven at 160C
  2.  Melt 120g of Carambars, milk and butter in the TM bowl for 4 min/90C/speed 2.
  3. Sieve the flour over the bowl with the baking powder (you can sit the sieve on the bowl, press the scale button and weigh the flour that way).
  4. Add the sugar, salt and eggs and mix 20 sec/speed 6. Scrape down the sides of the bowl with the spatula.
  5. Cut 30g of Carambar into chunks and add to the mix.
  6. Add the bananas in chunks if using and mix for 10 sec/speed 3/reverse blade direction.
  7. Butter a cake tin (if using a non silicone one) and pour the mixture into it.
  8. Bake for 50 minutes or until a skewer comes out clean from the cake.