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As you would guess from the title of this blog, I am French and I am passionate about food! I have lived in Dublin, Ireland for over ten years and I am a part-time Thermomix® Team leader and advisor.

I have always loved food. I remember watching my mum cook when I was a kid and wanting to help her out. But funnily enough, I have only started to really develop my culinary skills when I came to Ireland as I missed French food and I needed to get back to my roots.  Since owning my Thermomix®, I have made another leap forward to more advanced cooking since  it allows me to do so much without  having to buy a truck-load of appliances!

Through this blog, I want to show you that French cooking doesn’t have to be daunting and is  accessible to anyone. All you need is a bit of organisation and the right tools.



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  1. Penelope Curtis

    Good afternoon – we’ met’ during the TM conference this morning and I have really enjoyed reading your blog and website – thank you. I too am a very part time demonstrator and still am awestruck by the current TM31 compared with the old one I had in the early 80’s which still works!

    • Hi Penelope! Thanks for passing by 🙂 It’s true the TM31 is a wonderful machine, I still wonder how I managed before!

  2. What a beautiful blog and full of thermomix recipes…thanks for those…hope to see you around on the net!!

  3. Serena Almeida

    Thanks for posting in both ways – I dont think I will find a Thermomix in my city – Arusha, Tanzania – but we do love french food!! 😀

  4. Tu as toujours aimé cuisiner car même lorsque tu étais encore en France, tu te faisais des petits plats juste pour toi, ce qui est assez rare pour les célibataires (j’ai fait une enquête autour de moi). En tout cas, cela m’a marqué …

  5. I just wanted to say, I love your blog. I live in Australia and I just love french food and my thermomix so it’s lovely to find a blog that 2 things I love! I sit here at work reading through all your posts and just get such an excited feeling about going home and cooking…. I just wish I could stay and home and cook yummy food all day!

  6. This is a beautiful site. In fact, I like it so much I have featured it on my Thermomix Facebook Page and done a Twitter Thermomix Shoutout for it.

    Thanks so much.

  7. Love your blog and love frenc food!

  8. Brigid Murphy

    Hi Nora , just discovered your blog this morning and I am impressed and become an instance fan., I will be trying out the recipes.
    . Keep it up and hope to see a book out soon .
    Brigid Murphy, Thermomix Demonstrator.

    • French Foodie

      Thanks Brigid, I hope you are getting on well with your demonstrations and the catering business!

  9. Hi Nora
    Just to let you know how much i enjoyed yr demo today in Kitchen Complemts, yr tarts
    were delicious, yr recipes are wonderful everything has wonderful, yr recipes have been tried and tested, its a pleasure to work along side you, don,t give up..yr doing a great job..
    Anne O Connor

  10. I enjoyed meeting you at the Odaios trade fair, and thanks for giving me a nice write up. Lindy

    • French Foodie

      Thanks Lindy, lovely meeting you too and I hope to be able to visit you in Coopershill one of these days!!

  11. thanks for a beautiful site – just bought a thermomix and wanting to learn how to use it and will really treasure your ideas.
    kindest regards


  12. Amanda Trickett

    Hi Nora,

    I have been aware of your blog for a while now without realising I had met you at the last CD meeting when you very kindly gave me lots of good advice.

    I love your blog – thanks so much. The chocolate Charlotte is top of my list for Easter cooking


    • French Foodie

      Hi Amanda, it’s a small world isn’t it? Glad you like my blog. The charlotte is a perfect Easter dessert (why not filling it with mini eggs to stay with the theme)?

  13. Hi French Foodie
    I have just become an Independent Thermomix Demonstrator and am the proud owner of a new TM31, which I just love.
    I lived en Correze (Argentat) with my family and returned to the UK 10 years back, so along with my love for all things French, I am a chef and author amongst other things that keep me busy.
    I was asked recently about doing flambée in a TM bowl. I am thinking yes, but douse quite quickly with Noilly, dry white wine or similar depending on recipe. Any advice would be great.
    Bon journee

    • Hi Malcom, I have never tried flambeing in the Thermomix but I don’t see why you couldn’t use it to heat the alcohol but to be safe I would pour the alcohol on whatever food you need to flambé and set it alight immediately…

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