Express chocolate mousse

Each time I ask my daughter what she wants for dessert, the reply is always the same: “chocolate mousse!”. I came across this quick and easy version for chocolate mousse recently where you whisk the whole eggs and it works beautifully. The texture is a bit denser and firmer than the traditional mousse but it is equally as delicious.

QuickChocMousse_002 QuickChocMousse_004

Source: chic chic chocolat


3 eggs
1 tbsp water
35g sugar
180g dark chocolate
60g strong coffee (or orange juice if you don’t like coffee)


  1. Place the butterfly whisk in the TM bowl with the eggs, sugar and water. Whisk 3 min/70C/speed 3.5.
  2. Whisk another 5 min/speed 3.5.
  3. Meanwhile, melt the chocolate and coffee (or juice) in the microwave in short bursts and stir between each until the chocolate is just melted.
  4. Fold gently some of the egg mixture into the chocolate. Add the remaining egg mixture and fold gently until combined.
  5. Refrigerate for at least 1 hour to set.

3 Responses to Express chocolate mousse

  1. A whole egg chocolate mousse? What a great idea! If you have two TM bowls you can melt the chocolate and coffee or juice in one bowl and whisk the eggs, sugar and water in the other. Either way you make it, it certainly sounds delicious. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is a great recipe! Suggesting orange juice for flavoring instead of coffee will make this a soft, creamy, dreamy version of the Sachertorte. Can’t wait to try this out, kids will definitely love knowing that they can have chocolate mouse every day (as long as there’s chocolate in the pantry). Thanks for sharing!

  3. un dessert bien gourmand ou j’aimerai bien y plonger ma cuillère!!
    bonne soirée!

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