Semolina cake

Most French children have a memory of semolina cake, either made by their mum or bough from the shop. I have this fond memory of a semolina cake with chocolate ganache from the brand Yabon that I just couldn’t resist. Unfortunately, nowadays we can’t find decent semolina cakes in France anymore as they have “changed” the recipe (replacing natural ingredients with cheap processed ones to increase their bottom line as usual). But anyway, nothing beats homemade so here is a nice recipe to turn back the time…


Source: Espace Recettes Thermomix


125 g fine semolina
90g sugar
1000g whole fat milk
1/2 vanilla pod
2 eggs
Pinch of salt

Chocolate ganache:
90g dark chocolate
90g cream


  1. Put the butterfly whisk in the bowl.
  2. Add the milk, sugar, semolina, seeds scraped from the vanilla pod and salt.
  3. Cook for 11 min/100c/speed 1.
  4. Add the eggs and cook a further 4 min/100C/speed 3.
  5. Pour out into a dish and let it cool down before refrigerating a couple of hours to set.
  6. Meanwhile, make the ganache: in a clean and dry TM bowl, break the chocolate into chunks and grate 5 sec/speed 6.
  7. Add the cream and melt for 3 min/50C/speed 2, scraping down the sides half way through.
  8. Let it cool and thicken before pouring over the semolina cake.

7 Responses to Semolina cake

  1. OMG Nora you certainly have turned back time with this recipe. So fast and easy in the Thermomix, anyone could make it, even a supervised child. A great way to get the children cooking with Thermomix, thanks for sharing this kid-friendly recipe!

  2. c’était ma maman qui m’en faisait avec du caramel au fond et j’ai continué à en faire pour mes enfants , caramel et raisins secs ! merci pour ce rappel du temps passé ! bisous

  3. bonjour nora,il est superbe ton gateau de semoule qui a l’air délicieux,j’en fait
    assez souvent car j’adoce ce dessert!! bonne journée bises

  4. un super dessert hummm

  5. This cake looks amazing, I’m a terrible cook so I’ll have to ask my mom to make me one!

  6. Voilà qui plairait à ma moitié : et à moi pour l’utilisation du thermomix ! bonne soirée, bises !

  7. hum tres gourmand bizzz

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