A little bit about myself…

Things have started to change lately for me personally… in a good way. I haven’t written much about myself because I believe that in this blog, the food must take centre-stage but I think it’s time I give you a little bit of background about me. For the past 15 years, I have been working as an IT programmer. It was fine at the beginning (even though I could write a book about the first company I worked for: Accenture but that’s another story). However, in the past few years, I have been more and more bored, the motivation was just not there. Nothing to do with my colleagues, who are all lovely, but let’s face it: working in IT in the financial services is not going to rock anyone’s boat by any standard! So, here I was, ploughing along, a job is a job right? But sometimes, things take a strange turn and what could be someone’s nightmare became my big opportunity. The company I worked for was looking to make people redundant and I went for it. Last week was my last (hopefully for good) in IT. So, what now? Well, you may have guessed: I am going to do what I love. Cooking.

Since this week past and for another 3 weeks, I am doing a Cooking certificate course in Dublin. So far, it’s been fantastic! I learn a lot, I do what I enjoy doing the most and I know I have found my path.

So, I’m sorry if I haven’t posted many recipes lately, but I will try to give you snapshots of what I am doing at the course starting with an amazing lemon meringue tart… coming soon…

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  1. All the best in your new adventure!

  2. Well done, Nora, for taking a step to do something for yourself! We only get a few of these opportunities in life and I’m so pleased to grabbed this one. It’s a rare person who can take a seemingly negative event like being made redundant and turning it into a positive. Fantastique ! And you always have your Thermomix business to fall back upon, so make the most of cooking and blogging with your best friend in the kitchen!

    Bon courage, ma chérie !

    • I will certainly continue with the Thermomix demonstrations as it fits perfectly with the other activities I want to pursue. But more on these later…

  3. congratulations for your new way !! Bye bye !! See you soon with new recipies !!

  4. Wishing you all the very best in your new adventure.

  5. Très contente pour toi : je vois que j’ai manqué pas de choses ! Plein d’ondes positives pour ce nouveau départ ! Bises !

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