Lemon Cleaning Concentrate

The third recipe from my Christmas Hamper is great for cleaning around the house, is made only of natural ingredients and smells great! I found this amazing recipe on the UK Thermomix website. I have used it especially in my bathroom and is fantastic at removing grime from tile grouting. Janie Turner from UK Thermomix says it has many uses such as:

  • Use on a damp cloth to clean the oven, hob, fridge, sink & non-wood worktops – rinse and dry thoroughly – if marks appear rinse again and polish with a dry clean cloth.
  • For hand-washing dishes, mix some with your usual washing up liquid for a brilliant degreaser.
  • Excellent for cleaning bathrooms – tiles, toilets, sinks, mirrors.
  • Add 1 Tbsp to the washing machine for a cleaning boost, a pleasant natural fragrance without chemicals, and whiter whites. Add 2 Tbsp for an American-size washing machine.
  • Dilute with an equal amount of coconut oil or olive oil, mix well and use as an excellent hand-wash. No chemicals, no artificial fragrances. It leaves your skin soft too.
  • Use a little on a wet cloth to spot clean fabrics – it has worked to remove curry stains on cotton and poly / cotton for us. Test a hidden area of the fabric first.

(Source: UK Thermomix)


400g to 500g lemons (cut into 3cm chunks)
300g salt (preferably fine table salt)
300g water
100g vinegar


  1. Put the lemon chunks including skins and pips into the TM bowl. Chop 30 sec/speed 10.
  2. Scrape down the TM bowl with the spatula and add the salt and water. Cook 5 min/100C/speed 4.
  3. Add the vinegar and cook again 5 min/100C/Speed 4.
  4. Scrape down the tM bowl with the spatula and blend 1 min/speed 10.
  5. The mixture will resemble a lemon curd. Put into a jar or a heatproof plastic container. Allow the concentrate to cool before closing the jar with a vinegar-proof lid.
  6. Straight away add enough water to your TM bowl to cover the blades and seld-clean 20 sec/speed 8, then rinse and dry.

10 Responses to Lemon Cleaning Concentrate

  1. This looks very interesting indeed!
    I will try it as soon as possible.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Could you tell if it works with hard water stains? The water we have around here is very hard.

    • I couldn’t tell you as we have soft water in our area but let me know whether you had success or not, it’s always interesting to have feedback!

  2. This looks wonderful, this last Christmas my homemade gift was citrus or rosemary infused vinegar cleaner. However I think this would be a great addition to the cleaning box. Does it have a best before- do you need to keep it in the fridge?

    • Hi Janet! I don’t keep mine in the fridge but at room temperature. There is no risk of mould forming as there is plenty of salt and acidity to keep bacteries at bay. I have some left from my previous batch made 6 months ago and it still looks perfect!

  3. Hi your lemon cleaning concentrate sounds lovely. Do you think it would still be effective using mandarins? thank you

    • French Foodie

      Hi Mel, I actually don’t know to be honest, I have never tried but I would say that the mandarin being stronger colour, it might not suit some of the uses like washing/whitening clothes or removing slime from the tile grout. I also think that mandarin is not as citrusey as lemon so I am not sure if it would be as potent at removing grease but it would certainly make the cleaning product have a lovely fragrance so why not replace 1 lemon with 3 mandarins from the recipe above and see if it works?

      • Thanks for the quick reply. do you think grapefruit would work then? I have both trees but no lemon and all the fruit is going to waste (can’t eat grapefruit and mandarins are soooooo sour).

        • French Foodie

          If the mandarins are sour then do try it (with the caveat concerning clothes) and for the grapefruit, they should work too. I’d be interested to see a pic of the final product to see the difference in colour/texture!!

  4. Hi
    I have read that this should be cooked on the stove and then just blitzed in the thermomix as it could damage the bowl. Could you pls confirm. Thanks

    • Hi Di, you’re right that there has been some caution from Vorwerk that this recipe could do some damage if done too many times. I have personally done it 3 times in total and haven’t noticed any damage on my bowl but if you wanted to do this more often, then it’s probably best to cook it on the stove an blitz it in the TM bowl as you say.

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